Alberto was amazing. His work was so good that i literally just spent half an hour watching my TV while it was turned off.

Not only did Alberto do a fantastic installation, but he did so while patiently humouring my 4-year-old son.

Here’s what happened.

Yesterday, my family (partner, toddler, baby) and i moved into a new apartment. We woke up surrounded by boxes and chaos and of course the first thing my son says (after “Daddy, i’m tired”) is: “can i watch a show?” I think about all the work we have ahead of us, and realize yeah, getting the living room / TV area up and running will be a high priority if i want to avoid a revolt. In the process of moving, we decided the only way to make our (multi-purpose, baby-proof) space work is to mount the TV on the wall. Given how busy we are (and considering my own dismal record of mounting crooked shelves), i was definitely wanting to hire a professional. Future Shop wanted $250 for delivery and installation of a TV mount, on top of the price for the mount itself. And they said they couldn’t do it until Monday.

A Google search brought me to Wall Mount Tronics on Yelp, and i contacted Alberto at the number listed. He said $175 would cover a TV mount, plus the installation and wire concealment. When i asked if he could come today, he told me he would check and call back in a few minutes; five minutes later, he said he would be available by 4 or 5 this evening. At quarter to 5 he called to say he was running late; he assured me he would be here in 45 minutes, and he was.

When he arrived, he assessed the space and the TV, and listened to my description of what we were hoping for. He understood what i was trying to say better than i could explain it, and asked helpful clarifying questions. He reviewed our situation verbally and then explained that a TV mount like we wanted — a “full motion articulating” mount — is more expensive than the basic (fixed, or tilt-only) mounts he had in mind when he gave the price quote. He said he would usually charge $225 for a full-motion mount installation because the parts are generally twice as expensive. However, he offered to split the difference and install one for us for $200. He didn’t haggle or pressure us in any way. He just listened and then gave information. His attitude was totally calm and positive.

He returned from his truck with all the parts and produced an impressive, sleek and sturdy-looking mount with two hinges; Alberto smiled as he set to work. Despite my son constantly hovering nearby, asking him about each of his tools, and offering ‘helpful’ commentary (like: “that looks pretty good. I think it will work… the TV has to be plugged in, y’know.”), Alberto rapidly transformed our messy living room into a virtual palace of entertainment. I never dreamed we could have such a nice setup.

He worked quickly and efficiently, and yet also took time to explain the safe enjoyment and care of a mounted television (his explanations were concise and relevant, never gratuitous). He concealed all the wires in the wall, and covered the holes with grommets, so that even under very close scrutiny the job looks perfectly professional. He was courteous and pleasant throughout the hour it took to finish his work — and he didn’t leave until he was absolutely sure we were fully satisfied with every single detail. We are.The degree of care with which he attended to quality workmanship at every step was exceptional and generous. I am so glad i called him, and will do so again whenever we move on (to a bigger apartment, and/or a bigger TV).

There are plenty of others who can install home electronics. But this guy seriously earned my respect. If you’re the kind of person who takes pride in a job well done, you will be able to relate to Alberto’s approach.

¬°Gracias Alberto!

PS: This is my first Yelp review, so i welcome any feedback.