I just had the great pleasure in having my new LED television installed by a real pro. It was by fluke that I came into contact with the people of Wallmounttronics in getting their number off their van as I drove by it. After that chance meeting on Broadway, it has been an absolute treat working with them.

The installer came to my house for a free measuring and consultation, and was thorough with his assessments and evaluation. I told him what I was looking for and he advised me on the components to buy and the right size TV, and where to mount it for maximum viewing enjoyment.

After a few texts and phone calls to Wallmounttronics during my purchasing; I had the installer come over for what turned out to be a very exciting day. He arrived on time and ready to go with all the gear needed for the job and more. There were a couple of tense moments for me during the install, as I had bought something that was not quite right, plus there was an issue at the power supply and cable outlets. 3 different glitches, and 3 masterful saves by the installer. A quick trip to London drugs and a couple of trips to the company truck and I was up and running. Kind of a “WOW” experience. You do not often see such great service.It was refreshing to see.

The installer took time during the installation to explain everything, which I did not expect. Most contractors just want to get in and out. Him hanging off the bracket to demonstrate its strength was both amusing and re assuring. Once it was all up and running, he calibrated the settings, and made sure my remote was able to control everything. The picture was perfect and the sound was to die for. Thanks for recommending the sound system. Another thing I did not€™ know existed was the “activity” Universal Remote, which I am getting this week.

If you are looking for a private company to do a very important piece of work, look no further than Wallmounttronics. They are the real deal.